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2020-2021 ISTEP+ Paper-Pencil Return Instructions /core/fileparse.php/5229/urlt/Indiana-Return-Instructions-SY20-21.pdf
2020-2021 ISTEP+ Paper-Pencil Receipt Instructions /core/fileparse.php/5229/urlt/Indiana-Receipt-Instructions-SY20-21.pdf

The paper-pencil receipt and return documents provide instructions and guidance for how Test Coordinators should handle ISTEP+ paper-pencil test materials received throughout the school year.

ISTEP+ 2020-2021 Milestones /core/fileparse.php/5229/urlt/istep-2020-2021-milestones-20200817.pdf
Updated August 17, 2020

The milestones document includes key tasks and activities which support administration of the ISTEP+ Winter 2020 Retest and the ISTEP+ Spring 2021 Retest.

ISTEP+ Practice Test - Part 2 Large Print /core/fileparse.php/5229/urlt/ISTEP-Part-2-Math-and-ELA-Practice-Test-Large-Print.pdf
ISTEP+ Practice Test - Part 2 /core/fileparse.php/5229/urlt/ISTEP-Part-2-Math-and-ELA-Practice-Test-Regular.pdf
ISTEP+ Practice Test - Part 1 Large Print /core/fileparse.php/5229/urlt/ISTEP-Part-1-Math-and-ELA-Practice-Test-Large-Print.pdf
ISTEP+ Practice Test - Part 1 /core/fileparse.php/5229/urlt/ISTEP-Part-1-Math-and-ELA-Practice-Test-Regular.pdf

The ISTEP+ Practice Test contains practice items for Mathematics and English/Language Arts Parts 1 and 2. Schools may print and administer the practice test to students prior to operational testing. 

ISTEP+ Reference Sheet /core/fileparse.php/5229/urlt/Gr10Mth_RefSheet_10.18.2019.pdf

The ISTEP+ Reference Sheet must be printed and provided to all students participating in the ISTEP+ Mathematics assessment. Schools may also use the reference sheet for practice and instructional purposes. 

ISTEP+ Retest Test Times /core/fileparse.php/5229/urlt/istep-2020-2021-test-times.pdf
Test Coordinators may refer to this document when creating testing schedules for ISTEP+ Retest.
Receipt Instructions /core/fileparse.php/5229/urlt/Indiana-Receipt-Instructions_FINAL_090619.pdf

Instructions for corporations receiving the materials for the ISTEP+ Retest Administration.

Return Instructions /core/fileparse.php/5229/urlt/Indiana-Return-Instructions_FINAL_090619.pdf

Instructions to return the ISTEP+ Retest paper materials.