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2019-2020 ORS Data File Descriptions /core/fileparse.php/4152/urlt/2019-2020-ORS-Data-File-Layout.xlsx
Updated December 18, 2019

The Online Reporting System (ORS) data file layout available under ‘Retrieve Student Results’ has been updated to a common data file layout across ILEARN, I AM, IREAD-3, and ISTEP+ Grade 10.  The following information is included in this file: column number, data label in ORS, description, and acceptable values.  Please reference this file if you have any questions while accessing the data file in ORS. 

2020-2021 Indiana Interpretive Guide for Statewide Assessments /core/fileparse.php/5229/urlt/2020-2021-Indiana-Interpretive-Guide-for-Statewide-Assessments.pdf
The Indiana Interpretive Guide for Statewide Assessments provides information for educators, parents and students to understand score results for ILEARN, IREAD-3, I AM, and ISTEP+ Retest.  This guide provides information on how to appropriately interpret data in Individual Student Reports (ISRs) and other reports available to educators through the Online Reporting System (ORS).
ISTEP+ Grade 10 Cut Scores and Scale Score Ranges /core/fileparse.php/5229/urlt/istep-grade-10-cut-scores.pdf

Use this document to identify cut scores for the different proficiency levels on ISTEP+ assessments. 

ISTEP+ Retest ISR Interpretive Guide /core/fileparse.php/5229/urlt/IN_INISTEP-_Interpretive-Guide-Updated-01072020.pdf
Updated January 08, 2020

This is the Interpretive Guide/Parent Letter that accompanies ISTEP+ Retest Individual Student Results (ISRs) in the Online Reporting System.

ISTEP+ Spring 2020 First Time Administration (FTA) Letter to Families /core/fileparse.php/5229/urlt/IN_INISTEPFTA_2020_Lettertofamilies_EN_Firstpage_IDOE.pdf

This letter to families explains how ISTEP+ Spring 2020 FTA results were impacted by COVID-19 and should accompany all score reports from ISTEP+ Spring 2020 FTA.